Hi everyone, my name is Gavriel Maymon. I am 34 years old and in a relationship with my partner for life Victoria, since 2010. I am a Canadian resident and an Israeli citizen.
I’m the eldest son of a family of seven, and my family lives a religious Jewish way of life. I spent my childhood and youth studying In “Talmud Torah” and “Yeshivot,” (not regretting!) In my advanced adolescence, after countless concerns and arguments with my parents and teachers, I left the “world of Torah” and start working. I spent the next two years in odd jobs, ranging from a dubious flights centre, construction, bakeries, factories, selling audio cassettes in the streets and even a failed attempt to run a convenience store. This was my first encounter with the outside world on my own, especially in the economic sphere. It’s hard for me to say that I passed this period of time with great distinction. I remember my father’s anger over unpaid phone bills and the hunger I felt when I was left with a few cents in my pocket and an empty refrigerator. At that time I lived together with 4 in a poor 1 bedroom apartment in the centre of Jerusalem. When I was 18 and a half, I chose to join the army as a combat soldier in the “Givati” ​​infantry brigade. The years of service designed me on the one hand, especially since I was a combat medic and had to use my medical knowledge. On the other hand it caused an identity crisis, since my colleagues to service came from a secular background, I was longing to be like them. I did not know how, so I had to reinvent my identity. To lie, to hide, to be sad on every free weekend when everyone was planning their evening meetings outside of the life at the base, I knew that I had no chance being there. I had no licence, and even if I had, my father had no car at the time. Even if he had, who would dare ask for the car on Friday night when everyone was sitting around the “Shabbat” table, (it’s against all rules) and so is answering your phone, so getting a ride from my friends wasn’t an option.
Returning to my case, at the age of 21 I decided to start traveling around the world. Failure!! Do not mistake me, I can not count the departures and arrivals that I have seen. I have already visited almost 20 countries, some of which I have visited several times or more. Family vacations in the Caribbean and Central America, traveling nomad in Thailand, and occasional jobs around the States and Mexico. Quick visits in Europe and Sinai Desert, yet I’ve never felt that freedom everyone talks about. My real friends are proof of the party animal I used to be. (I’ll expand later on why I feel like that)
When I didn’t travel I worked! Worked! Worked! and worked! Not that I could complain, at the time I was working as waiter on a beach restaurant named ‘Bamboo village’ in my home city. Despite the heat and the demands of the job, it was like working in heaven! A group of young people serving together listening to the sound of the ocean, salsa music, laughing and cheers! Sunrises & Sunsets. This was also the time I met Victoria (she’s a Canadian who came to visit Israel) and all the rest is history.

Moving to Canada was my second shocker in life, and I’m not talking here about the Cold, but about the life routine that I discovered. After living here for a while and seeing the country that provides the most extraordinary views and the most ordinary people, I realized I misunderstand the western culture and what freedom is all about in their eyes.

Now, let’s start all over again,

Hi there, my name is Gavriel Maymon and this is my Blog. Usually ‘Editorials’ are supposed to be a short introduction and a brief insight to what you are about to read. Here I named my story ‘Editorial’ and it’s an exact match! Since telling my life story could be a great brief for those who thought they’ve tried everything in life and are willing to give up, I can promise you one thing, giving up is easy in the beginning, but it will only get harder! The confusions, the failures, and the missed opportunities are conclusive evidence to something you really want but have not caught yet. The feeling of giving up lives with you on a the daily basis! You may stop running, you may stop hearing criticism you don’t like, you may sit on your couch and enjoy ice-cream and watch a movie, you may put your pen down and relax your brain, but when the movie is over, when the ice-cream is done, when you wakeup.. What then? What’s the taste in your mouth? Is it still the Ice-cream? Or is it the bitterness of giving up?

In the last 20 years I’ve experienced people’s behaviours, from all levels. As a listener I collected limitless data about problems that people kept telling me over the years. Funny enough, the source of most problems is MONEY. The rich will disagree with me because they already solved this problem! The Homeless will disagree with me because he gave it up, (even though he still beg for money) the majority will agree with me on this. (This is also the answer to why I couldn’t fully enjoy my vacations. Lack of money doesn’t disappear on vacation if you really need it, it’s always bothers you!)

In my Resume I’ve managed, consulted and helped businesses to grow their production and efficiency (double & triple) not because the diploma I have, I don’t have one! But because I listened and analyzed what surrounded me as a worker, I’ve succeed to understand the big picture and each pixel as individual.

Today it’s my time to show you my cards and strategy of how to change your survivor attitude into a wining attitude, It’s going to take time and effort.

I’ll talk here about our biggest confusion, Reality VS Screen! If I see enough interest I’ll share with you ideas for experiment that will prove my point.

I’ll talk about the right mindset for saving (Tease: if the only money you could save this month is your coffee change what you should do? leave your answer in comments)

I’ll talk about Goals VS Dreams, Small Investments and Time Organization.

In the meantime,  Keep up your positivity and the hard work, Everything you are doing is important even if you don’t think so, I’ll be Here to change your mind.

All the best to you all.

Gavriel Maymon



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